"Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am." ~ Janelle Monáe ~

In order to live life on your terms with a peaceful internal serenity that exudes confidence, you must remind and reward your spirit with positive self talk mantras to yourself. Daily pep talks, some days more than others but every day rejuvenate your spirit with warm pride filled thoughts. It is essential and imperative that you love yourself, first and foremost with an insatiable appetite that disregards how others define you.



"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another." ~ Toni Morrison ~

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Course curriculum

    1. Three Steps to boosting confidence

    2. Three Ways mindfulness tames negative self talk

    3. Four Steps to Change Your Self-Talk to Be Your Ally

    4. Four Unique Techniques for Changing Your Self-Talk

    5. Four Ways to Include Positive Self-Talk into Your Life

    6. Five Tips for Keeping Your Self-Talk Positive on a Daily Basis

    7. Five Types of Negative Self-Talk and How to Stop Them

    8. Six Practical Steps to Improving Your Life with Positive Self-Talk

    9. Eight Ways to Train Your Brain to Switch to Positive Self-Talk

    10. The Science Behind Positive Self-Talk

    1. Four Brain boosts for better focus

    2. Four Habits to help you focus better

    3. Four Things You Should be Focusing on Every Day

    4. Five Boosts that Will Improve Focus and Productivity at Work

    5. Five Creative Ways to Build Better Focus

    6. Five Exercises to Improve Focus

    1. FIve Things You Should be Doing to Improve Focus at Work

    2. FIve Tips to Eliminate Distractions to Gain Better Focus

    3. Six Tricks to Regain Lost Focus

    4. Nine Things You Should be Eating for Better Focus

    1. Three Truths About Reclaiming Confidence You Need to Know Right Now

    2. Four Things You Need to be Doing Now to Reclaim Lost Confidence

    3. Five Steps to Fix Confidence Quickly

    4. Five Things to Reclaim Your Confidence When It Has Taken a Blow

    5. Six Ways to Reclaim Confidence After Losing It

    6. Seven Secrets to Reclaiming Confidence that Successful People Know

    7. Seven Small Ideas to Reclaim Confidence in Big Ways

    8. Seven Things You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence Right Now

    9. Eight Power-Ups for Reclaiming Confidence

    10. Eight Tips for Reclaiming Lost Confidence Quickly

    1. Connecting with Nature

    2. Getting Grounded to Perform at Your Best

    3. Have Fun Connect with Nature

    4. Nature in 15 Minutes or Less

    5. Nature When You live in the City

    6. Reconnecting with Nature

    7. Reconnect With Nature Starting Today

    8. Teach Our Kids to Connect with Nature

    9. Tips for Reconnecting with Nature

    10. Using Technology to Help Us Reconnect with Nature

About this course

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